Rage Against The Vaccine

Dodger Stadium Vaccine Protes
Rage Against the Vaccine’s mission is to demand an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION of the true origin of the “COVID – 19 Virus” and to simultaneously educate the masses of the real dangers of these untested, dangerous concoctions they are misrepresenting as “VACCINES”.

WE NEED TO BE CLEAR THAT WE ARE NOT “ANTI-VAXERS”. We are against the deep corruption tied to this Global Pandemic and the rushed development of a COVID – 19 vaccine in which financial concerns and political expediency are more important.

Furthermore, we are fighting the evil purveyors of the mainstream narratives who have taken it upon themselves to censor, shadowban, cancel, and suspend anyone who is speaking the TRUTH about these highly suppressed topics.

In lieu of our own suspensions and cancelations on various social media channels, we are developing an app, a platform that will be built FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. It will be a repository of FREE INFORMATION and SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION ABOUT “COVID” that chronicle the mysteries along with all the illegal and immoral “rules and regulations” that surround it.

We strongly encourage people to do their own INDEPENDENT RESEARCH into the actual science of these toxic jabs they are calling “Vaccines”. On that note, there is a ton of information in our “News and Media Tab” which we update weekly.A few other uncensored, uncorrupted channels worth checking out are:

In the following weeks and months, we will be forming alliances and affiliations with doctors, scientists, and advocates of our Civil Liberties who also are also proponents of Real Science and SAFE VACCINES. We will also be focusing on building our new platform so that all of us have a new place to congregate and to share stories, news, and love!

We are also building out our Roving Rage Against The Vaccine Machine, pictured here in its raw-present state:


We need your help to make these things manifest. Please Donate Now if you can. $10, $20, or $100 will make a HUGE difference in how quickly and how confidently we can set out on our National Tour of Hope, Unity & Community, and Freedom For All!



The Free America Podcast is joined by the founder of Rage Against the Vaccine, Chris Hoover, to discuss the effort he is undertaking to warn people of the dangers of taking the death-shot, his awesome line of merchandise, as well as a series of novels he’s written which may hold the key to defeating our globalist enemies once and for good!

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