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COVID - 19 VaccineChris HooverI’m Chris Hoover, the founder of RATV who has been on the Revolutionary Road for over 2 decades. It’s been a solitary and a “self-funded” mission. As of now, I have expended all of my life savings into this Humanitarian Mission, and I need your help to continue on this path.

We need – I need – your donations to help complete restoring and build out of a vintage RV I purchased a few months ago. It’s going to become our roving RATV headquarters. This RV will be traveling to random cities and freedom rallies, equipped with flags, merch to purch, and a mobile podcast studio.

Additionally, funds are needed to upgrade this website, and to purchase additional “give away merch” so we can have a prominent presence at these rallies and gatherings.

Please Contribute Whatever You Can For Our Ongoing Work

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Our 501-3C is going to finalized by early April 2021. All remaining proceeds will go to a fund we will be allocating to the victims and business’ that have been injured or impacted as the result of these Dangerous, Untested, Suspicious Vaccines, or by the corruption of the ❝COVID – 19 CLOUD OF FEAR❞ this pandemic has created.