Vaccine Protest

Rage Against The Vaccine is about Unity & Community. We want to bring like-minded people together and provide a way to connect with one another. Activists. parents, doctors, scientists, politicians, or anyone who cares about humanity and helping to spread the word about these rushed-to-market dangerous COVID – 19 vaccines. Sign up for our newsletter to get on our mailing list. (We’ll never sell or give away your contact information to third parties.) In time, we hope to create a forum where you can all interact with one another in solidarity.

Please contact us if you would like to share links, videos, articles, or any other pertinent information. We’ll be happy to post them. The same goes for event announcements, requests for interviews, or invitations to appear at rallies, events, or protests.

Here are links to people and organizations that share our convictions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and our complete distrust of the vaccines rolled out before they’ve been thoroughly tested.

A few other uncensored, uncorrupted channels worth checking out are: